Regular tracking of business transactions is very necessary. The accounting & bookkeeping services can help in tracking each single transaction undertaken in past from learned decision of future. The recording the financial affairs of the business is referred as bookkeeping, whereas accounting is the preparation of financial accounts. To avoid financial muddles, it is better to keep accounts updated with accuracy apart from compulsion. Bookkeeping services are mandate for all businesses to ensure accurate operational and financial information. 

It is a legal requirement for any business to maintain an appropriate book of accounts to ensure that all relevant taxes are paid, and filling of tax on time. Bookkeeping is the procedure of recording financial transactions of a business in an accounting system & the creation of reports. Accounting & Book Keeping precisely manage your day to day records, analysis of your transactions, recommendation to manage the profitability & tax, balance sheet & tax filing.

Frequently Asked Questions​

  1. E-Accounting/on site/off site services
  2. Preparing financial statements
  3. Accounts payable/receivable
  4. Trial balance reconciliation
  5. Preparing balance sheet
  6. Preparing tax returns
  7. Payroll services
  8. Cash handling services

  1. Recording information
  2. Debt planning & reduction
  3. Labour cost management
  4. Invoice processing services

  1. Cost-Effective and Time Effective
  2. Higher Profits
  3. Reduced Tax Liabilities
  4. Data safety & ecurity
  5. Effective compliance check
  6. On-demand report availability
  7. Reduced cost of your accounts department
  8. Focus on growth, outsource accounts
  9. Low risk of work loss and audit risks
  10. Increased productivity financially

To ensure criterion of income & expenditure of the business

To ensure a smooth and transparent business, every firm or corporation is required to know about the income & expenditure incurred or generated. This helps them to plan and strategize their financial resources & utilize them accordingly.

Time to time access to operational information

Updated records avail access to operational information to the management. Although business managers are not directly associated with all transactions so accounting & bookkeeping help them to keep an eye on all the transactions from time to time.

Regular reconciliation of Data

Accounting comes with the reconciliation of data periodically. Reconciliation of data helps management to analyse the beneficial aspects of the business. Hereupon, futuristic decisions can be rationalized with the analysis of loss & profit.

Pull investors with accurate financials

While approaching investors, you need to make sure that your books of accounts are updated and accurate. Disparity may refrain investors to jump into the business.

Timely compliance

Accounting makes it easy to extract data & submit it timely basis for regular return filing, compliance or scrutiny for the businesses.

  1. Copy of PAN Card of the business entity
  2. Certificate of Incorporation, MoA , AoA/ LLP Agreement / Partnership Deed
  3. Bank Statement of Business current account 
  4. Bank statement of saving account of partners 
  5. Certificate of Government registration, such as GST
  6. Sales invoices & expense bills for concerned accounting period
  7. Expenses made for company registration by promoters
  8. All the transactions incurred in cash needs to be booked

  1. It is a Legally Requirement for all businesses excluding Sole Proprietorship.
  2. Assist you to review your performance and take steps to improve.
  3. Maintaining books of accounts helps you when need funding from investors.

Yes, Bookkeeping & accounting are two distinct sides of a coin, but one is not complete without the other. Bookkeeping referred to identifying, recording & maintaining financial transaction whereas accounting referred to the process of summarizing and interpreting the transactions in the ledger format as specified.

CA Mantra being a complete accounting solution provider knows the importance of bookkeeping so is proactively involved in providing efficient bookkeeping services to businesses from any industry across India. 

We at CA Mantra help our clients in accounting and bookkeeping process by assisting them in

  1. Set-up and support
  2. Maintenance and consultancy
  3. Accounting and bookkeeping.

4 Steps for the Procedure of Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Step 1- Send the copy of book

Send the scanned copy of your accounting books and experts will get in touch with you.

Step 2- Analysis of your books

Expert will analyse your accounting books & make entries into books according to the same.

Step 3- Verification & Approval

As next procedure, the final tally entry shall be sent by experts to you for verification and approval.

Step 4- Preparation of Balance sheet

The last step is, once approved by you, experts will prepare the balance sheet & PNC statement of the same. Once the Balance sheet and PNC are prepared, the books of accounts are finalized & completed.

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AVS and associates is a very professional team. They handle all things abiding by law and takes out your burden of tax management , assets and all very very precisely up to the point. It’s great working with the team.
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