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All about Software Technology Parks of India (STPI)

STPI is an abbreviated form of Software Technology Parks (STPI) of India which was established in 1991 as an autonomous society under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology). STPI is here to promote software exports from the country and has been implementing STP (Software Technology Park) scheme and EHTP (Electronics Hardware Technology Park) scheme for the promotion of IT/ITES industry. Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) center also adhere to ISO 9001 certification.

Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) scheme have the objective to encourage, promote & boost the export of software from India. It has two units which are Non – STP Unit and STP Unit.

The Software Technology Park (STP) is known as a 100% Export-Oriented Scheme for the export & development of computer software which also includes the professional services export using communication links or physical media.

What are the Functions of Software Technology Parks of India?

These are the main functions of Software Technology Parks of India:-

  1. Software Technology Parks of India create and main internal resources to offer consulting services, training and implementation services.
  2. Services cover Network Design, System Integration, Installation, Operations and maintenance of application networks and facilities in varied areas.
  3. Process development is based on the Quality Management System.
  4. Nowadays, Software Technology Parks of India across the country having excellent Infrastructure and Statutory support which have target to furthering growth of Information Technology in the country.
  5. STPI (Software Technology Parks of India) is playing an elementary role in acquiring the status of an IT superpower.

STP Registration Fees?

Software Technology Park registration application fees are INR 2,950 (Rs. 2,500 + 18% GST) and Annual Service Charge (ASC) to be paid for the first 3 years in advance including GST. ASC (Annual Service charges) will be charged on the projected export turnover.

What are the Benefits of STP Unit?

  1. Simplified Minimum Export Performance norms which is Positive Net Foreign Exchange Earnings.
  2. In such cases like immovable property is purchased or rented property, the stamp duty on leave & license agreement for 100% EOU unit shall be
  3. In 100% EOU, under the electricity bill, the duty component shall be
  4. All the imports of Hardware & Software in the Software Technology Parks units are completely duty
  5. The green card gives the extra benefit which is the STP unit to get preferential treatment in matters relating to the implementation of the project at both Central and State Government

How Many STPI Centers?

There are 58 STPI centers/sub-centers are operational throughout the country, from which 50 centers are located in Tier-II and Tier-III cities. STPI has shook hands with the concerned State Government or local authorities to bulit more space and has been utilizing state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities to increase the software industry to increase exports.

Services Rendered

The primary services offered by STPI for IT or ITES or ESDM industry covers

  1. Legal Services,
  2. Incubation Facilities,
  3. Data Communications services and other things that are listed below.

Statutory Services

STPI has been implementing both scheme which are STP (Software Technology Park) scheme and EHTP (Electronic HarwareTechnology Park) scheme for the promotion of IT or ITES industry. STP is a unique scheme which is created for promoting the SME, helping in the growth of startups and software industry without any locational restrictions.

Incubation Facilities

STPI provides ultra-modern office facilities to small units and entrepreneurs. This scheme has assisted many entrepreneurs to start their operations and developing their organizations in a competitive environment. The incubation services of STPI include:

  1. Ready to work office-space with reliable network connectivity at appealing tariffs. Product Development, Research & Development are treated for the preferred categories, leading to the growth of IPR generation.
  2. Associated service on a usage basis.
  3. Opportunities for participation in events and promotion through STPI websites.
  4. Access to tools, labs mentoring, marketing etc.

Datacom Services

High-Speed Data Communication is also known as HSDC is one of STPI’s remarkable contributions in the software-exporting sector. STPI has been created and developed with state of art High-Speed Data Communication network called SoftNET for software exporters.

Consultancy Services

STPI is offering the below mentioned services:

  1. Technology consulting and project management services to several national and international organizations.
  2. Provide services to enlarge state-of-the-art communication network infrastructure, network management systems, data centers and network operation centers etc. for several state governments and central government departments.
  3. Provide operation and maintenance assistance for networks that range from enterprise to e-governance.