Section 234A- Interest for Delay in Filing the Return of Income

In section 234A, interest is levied for delay in filing the ITR, filing of an updated return or filing of a return in response to notice issued u/s 142(1). In other words, if the taxpayer files the ITR after the specified due date then the interest u/s 234A will be levied. Rate of interest -Interest u/s 234A is levied for delay in filing the ITR. Interest is levied @1% per… Read More »Section 234A- Interest for Delay in Filing the Return of Income

Importance of Company Registration

Company Registration is a good step towards business if you do it properly planned registration. We have made an effort to find out the best options before coming into company formation. To decide which is better, Proprietorship or Partnership or Private Limited or OPC company?  What kind of license need like FSSAI? ISO? Start-up? What is the cost?  Come let’s talk about it. The Benefits under Company Registration Legal Entity… Read More »Importance of Company Registration

What to Know About Crypto Currency and Scams

Crypto currency is a digital currency that exists only electronically. Cyrpto currency is no physical coin you use a service that allows you to cash in crypto currency for a physical token. We generally exchange crypto currency with someone online, via phone or computer, without using an intermediary such as bank. Bitcoin and Ether are one of the popular crypto currencies, but there are many different crypto currency brands, and… Read More »What to Know About Crypto Currency and Scams

Incorporation of Private Limited Company – FAQ’s

In this competitive corporate world starting a new business as single entrepreneur is not a good idea. Because in case of proprietorship business, liability of business owner is unlimited and they also struggle to get the funds and better human resources. Nowadays, many people are preferring to join a corporate entity instead of joining a proprietorship business. In this article, we will discuss about the FAQ’s related to Incorporation of… Read More »Incorporation of Private Limited Company – FAQ’s

Minimum Alternate Tax

Minimum Alternate Tax is also known as MAT is a provision that is in direct tax laws which is for companies, MAT is the provision for limit the tax exemptions which is availed by the companies. The provision requires that the company will not avail more exemption and they should pay at least minimum amount of tax to the government. U/S 115JB, the company has to pay essentially corporate tax… Read More »Minimum Alternate Tax

Is Income Tax Return Filing Difficult in India?

Income Tax Return is when a person is supposed to submit to the IT Department of our nation. It withholds the information of income of person and the taxes that are to be paid during the year. The essential thing you need to keep in mind is; the information filed in income tax return should and always pertain to a particular financial year, and that is, start from the 1st… Read More »Is Income Tax Return Filing Difficult in India?

Implications of GST on Imports

Imports and exports play an important role in determining the economic health of the country and also ascertaining the company’s economic health. Though Imports are discouraged, but no country is self-sufficient to meet their economic and consumption needs. In 2020-21, Indian imports were valued at approximately US Dollars 390 billion. These are the Types of Imports: 1. Import of Goods The definition of import of goods is in IGST Act,… Read More »Implications of GST on Imports

Why It Is Important To Check Form 26AS Before Filing Income Tax Return

There is a huge requirement and importance of checking thoroughly of Form 26AS before filing of ITR, as it is an Annual tax statement which provide the details of tax paid, tax deducted at source or tax collected at source as the case may be of the respected assesse. Assesse should disclose the corresponding income essentially in his/her income tax return which is reflecting in the Form 26AS against which… Read More »Why It Is Important To Check Form 26AS Before Filing Income Tax Return

Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) code is known as a key measure to enhance the financial data system’s quality and accuracy for better risk management post the Global Financial Crisis. Regulatory Authority of Legal Entity Identifier GLEIS a.k.a. The Global LEI System has been set up by the regulatory authorities which is G20 and the Financial Stability Board (FSB) to strut the global financial crisis. The online portals of the… Read More »Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

Tips to Avoid Emotional Investing

Investing is all about informed decisions which are based on your knowledge of the market and insights from analytics. Market sentiments are influential to decide the market’s course, but you need to keep yourself away from emotions while investing in Systematic Investment Plan investments or even in equities. If you are active in online mutual funds, you can keep your emotions aside with the help of the following tips. Here… Read More »Tips to Avoid Emotional Investing