What is Bitcoin Loan?

Bitcoin loans are just like any other loans (personal loan, home loan etc.) which you borrow a specific amount from a lender and repay with interest. The disparity between Bitcoin loans and different kinds of loans is that Bitcoin serves as the collateral used to secure the loan. Bitcoin value changes acutely, which makes it difficult to predict which makes it hard to borrow from someone you know. Nowadays many… Read More »What is Bitcoin Loan?

CBIC Issued New Guidelines for GST Refunds

Recently Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs has issued detailed guidelines for sanctioning, post-audit and review of refund claims. Let us discuss the Key feature and short summary of the guidelines. Instruction No. 03/2022-GST dated 14 June 2022. Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs has been observed that proper speaking orders have not been issued while issuing the orders for GST refund claims & also currently different GST… Read More »CBIC Issued New Guidelines for GST Refunds

What Is Cryptocurrency Trading?

Cryptocurrency trading is the act of pondering on cryptocurrency price movements through a CFD trading account, or buying & selling the underlying coins via an exchange. CFD trading on cryptocurrencies Contract for Differences (CFD) trading are derivatives, which enable you to speculate on cryptocurrency price movements without taking ownership of the underlying coins. You can go long buy if you think a cryptocurrency will rise in value, or sell if… Read More »What Is Cryptocurrency Trading?

Section 80EEB of Income Tax Act: Interest on Electric Vehicle

In the union budget 2019, the central government has announced an incentive for buying electric vehicle. In the budget speech, the finance minister of India has said that advanced battery and registered Electric vehicles will be incentivized under the scheme. A new section of Income Tax Act, 1961-section 80EEB has been introduced allowing a deduction for interest paid on loan taken for the purchase of electric vehicles from the Assessment… Read More »Section 80EEB of Income Tax Act: Interest on Electric Vehicle

Income Tax on Crypto Currency in India

Cryptocurrency is considered as a digital money and known to be more secure that the real money. Cryptocurrency uses cryptography to secure their transactions. Cryptography is a method of converting comprehensible data into complicated codes which are stiff to crack. Cryptocurrencies are consideres as a subset of digital currencies, alternative currencies & virtual currencies (VCs). Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency which are introduced in the year 2009. As of now… Read More »Income Tax on Crypto Currency in India

Buy-back of shares as per Companies Act, 2013

A Company having excess fund and doesn’t have any good investment solution and considering it that unused Cash is costly for the Company thus by using that Cash Company can Bay back their shares from the Market, though Companies do buybacks for various reasons, including company consolidation, equity value increase, and to look more financially attractive. A buyback of shares is a process where a company buying back their own… Read More »Buy-back of shares as per Companies Act, 2013

Dividend Distribution Tax

If a company is making profit then they provide it to the company’s shareholders which is known as dividend. Dividend is income for shareholders that’s why it is taxable in the hands of tax payer. Though, Income tax act 1961 provides exemption of dividend which is receive from an Indian company by inflicting a tax which is called as dividend distribution tax which will be on the company who is… Read More »Dividend Distribution Tax

Income from House Property

A house property can be anything whether it is your house, your shop or office, and also can be a building. The income tax does not differentiate between any of your commercial place or your house where you live. All the properties are taxed by income tax department under this head. An owner is a legal owner for the objective of income tax, owner is someone who can make use… Read More »Income from House Property

Worried About Your Family’s Future? Here’s How Life Insurance Can Help

In our entire life there are various situation when our family needs emergency funds. If invested at the right time in life insurance, it could provide benefit at a later stage of life. Individuals often take an insurance so that they can protect their families from financial worries in their absence. Right life insurance doesn’t only help obtain financial security for the family but also eases the individual mentally. When… Read More »Worried About Your Family’s Future? Here’s How Life Insurance Can Help

Composition Scheme under GST – Eligibility, Tax Rate, Conditions

Under GST the Composition Scheme is simple scheme for small taxpayer. They can get relaxation from formalities of monotonous GST and can pay tax at a fixed rate of Turnover too. This composition scheme is applicable only to those persons whose turnover is not exceeding INR 1.5 Crores. What is the Eligibility for Composition Scheme? A taxpayer whose turnover is less than INR 1.5 Crores can go for composition scheme,… Read More »Composition Scheme under GST – Eligibility, Tax Rate, Conditions