COVID-19 VOLUNTARY WFH Declaration for Companies & LLPs-MCA

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has clarified that its recently announced decision of asking corporates and limited liability partners (LLPs) to submit a form which is web-based to confirm their readiness to deal with the Covid-19 threat is “purely voluntary”. There will be no fee applicable for the CAR aka Company Affirmation of Readiness towards Covid-19 form, and it is completely voluntary. According to MCA, the CAR form is… Read More »COVID-19 VOLUNTARY WFH Declaration for Companies & LLPs-MCA

ROC Compliance-DPT 3 & MSME 1

DPT-3 form is a one-time return form of loans that need to be filed by a company that has outstanding loans not treated as deposits. According to the latest Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) Amendments, it is mandatory for all the companies excluding the Government Companies to file a onetime return for the outstanding receipts of money which are the loan of the company but are not considered deposits. How… Read More »ROC Compliance-DPT 3 & MSME 1

All About Income Tax on Dividends Income

Dividends are not free money — they are commonly taxable income but when and how you own an investment that pays them can adequately and dramatically change the dividend tax rate you pay. There is a number of exceptions & unusual scenarios with special rules. An Individual may receive a dividend from their equity or mutual fund investments. The dividends received were tax-exempt until 31 March 2020 i.e. FY 2019-20.… Read More »All About Income Tax on Dividends Income