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Auto Calculation of Route Distance for Generation of E-Way Bill

Electronic-way Bill – associate electronically generated document that is needed to be carried for movement of products price extraordinary Rs fifty,000.

The validation of e-way bill is for a definite time-period, supported the sort of merchandise being transported and therefore the distance between supply and destination.

Distance between supply and destination was perpetually major issue whereas making E-way bill among alternative issues.

Now, E-waybill system is being enabled to machine calculate the route distance for movement of products, this calculation are going to be supported communicating pin codes of each the locations i.e.

The e-waybill system can calculate and show the $64000 distance between the supply and destination.

User will enter the definite distance as per his movement of products.

However, it’ll be restricted to ten % over the displayed distance for entry.

If, the supply PIN and destination PIN square measure same, the user will enter up to a most of a hundred KMs solely.

If user enters incorrect pin code, then system can generate alert message and can additionally offer flag concerning these e-waybills to department.

once coming into incorrect pin code, user should still enter the gap, however such distance are going to be subject to division review.

The calculation of route distance between supply and destination uses the information from completely different electronic sources.

This knowledge uses distinct aspects, e.g.: road category, travel direction, average speed, traffic knowledge and plenty of a lot of.

These aspects square measure grabbed from traffic that’s on national highways, state highways, expressways, district highways yet as main roads within the cities.

E-Way Bill has created the system a lot of transparent; it’s decide time to induce obviate the roadblocks.