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Taxation of Director Remuneration under GST

Directors’ remuneration termed as the compensation the company gives to its directors for the services rendered. This can be done via fees, salary or by use of a company’s assets. The remuneration paid to Directors is issued only on getting approval from shareholders and the Board of Directors.  A director can be:- Executive Director non-executive Director Managing Director (MD) Independent Director Small Shareholder Director  Women Director Additional Director  Alternate Director … Read More »Taxation of Director Remuneration under GST

GST and Income Tax Implication on Non-Resident Sportsmen Coming to India

When a non-resident sportsman comes to India for participating in any game or sport then a question arises which country has right to charge tax on such income earned by sportsmen by participating in game or sport and what are the tax implications on such income earned. What is Section 115BBA? This section provides a special tax rate at the rate of 20% (plus EC and SHEC), Plus Surcharge as… Read More »GST and Income Tax Implication on Non-Resident Sportsmen Coming to India

GST on Tour & Travel Services

GST comes under the category of indirect tax which is levied on the supply of goods & services of different kinds. The travel agent or travel agency service provider are also under the GST ambit.  A travel agent offers services related to planning, booking, and managing tours to their customers. The services include-booking air/rail accommodation, cab hire, accommodation, sightseeing etc. provided by a travel company. A tour operator or agent… Read More »GST on Tour & Travel Services

All About E-Way Bill

E-Way Bill aka Electronic waybill is a unique document or bill that is electronically generated for the specific consignment of goods from one to another place, inter-state or intra-state. E-way bill is generated at the time of the transport of goods by every registered person if the value of the consignment exceeds INR 50,000. The e-way bill has been made essential: – For inter-state supplies – from April 1, 2018… Read More »All About E-Way Bill

Normal Tax Payer VS Composite Dealer under GST

Composite Dealer An Assessee who comes under the Composition Scheme and is needed to comply with all the conditions mentioned therewith, is termed as a Composition dealer. Composite dealer is required to adhere with the rules & regulations created by the GST Council for Composition Scheme. Composition Scheme is referred as simple & easy scheme under GST for taxpayers. Small taxpayers can get relive of endless GST formalities & pay… Read More »Normal Tax Payer VS Composite Dealer under GST

Who Is Required to Get Tax Audit?

Tax audit leads to the verification of the books of accounts maintained by a taxpayer. Its purpose is to validate the income tax computation made by the taxpayer in the ITR (income tax return) and to ensure compliance with the laws of Income Tax. Auditing of books of accounts need to be carried out by a certified Chartered Accountant. Who Required a Tax Audit? A tax audit is essential for… Read More »Who Is Required to Get Tax Audit?