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How to Renew/Re-register DSC on Trademark e-filing Portal

Registration of DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) is pre-requisite for any Trademark Agent / Attorney, in order to be able to file varied forms, replies, etc. on online ‘filing portal of Trademark.’ In case when the originally registered DSC expired, new DSC is needed to be registered again on the online portal. Here we are discussing the process of re-registration of DSC. In order to register the Digital Signature Certificate for the first time, one can follow the steps.

The process to renew / re-register Digital Signature Certificate is detailed below-

  1. First step is to Visit the ‘Trademark e-filing portal’ by entering the URL . Login page will open.
  2. Sign-in by using the User Id with Password or Digital Signature.
  3. Click on Control Panel as shown above. It will display the following menus-
  4. View/ Update Profile
  5. Change Password
  6. Renew Digital Signature
  7. Click on ‘Renew Digital Signature’ the page will open.
  8. Enter your ‘User ID’ & ‘Old Certificate Serial No.’ in the space provided.
  9. Click on ‘Click and Choose New Certificate.’ A ‘Dialogue Box’ will appear showing the Digital Signature to be selected.
  10. Select your Signature and click on ‘OK’ button.
  11. Your New DSC will be registered.

Essential Points-

1. Use Internet Explorer Version 10 or higher, in order to use or affix Digital Signature Certificate on Trademark E-filing portal.

2. If you do not have ‘Old Certificate Serial No.,’ same can be found under ‘Control Panel’ under ‘View Profile’ Menu.

Alternatively, it could be found on e-Pass 2003 Software/ Application of Digital Signature Certificate. Insert Old Digital Signature and Click on e-Pass 2003 icon (Status Tray Icon). Same could be found on taskbar in ‘Status Tray’ of your PC. After clicking on the e-Pass 2003 icon, e-Pass 2003 window will appear. Sign in by entering ‘User Pin/token password’ of Digital Signature Certificate and click on the Certificate.

Certificate Serial No. could be found on top of the window.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for general informational purposes only in good faith. Efforts have been made to provide adequate accurate and complete information with no responsibility of the author whatsoever.