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Important Features of SPICe+ for Greater Business Ease

A new Web Form called “SPICe+” (known as “SPICe Plus”) has been implemented by the MCA i.e. Ministry of Corporate Affairs to replace the previous SPICe form as part of the GOI’s Ease of Doing Business (EODB) programmes. SPICe+ offers 11 services from 3 Central Government Ministries and Departments (Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Ministry of Labour, and Department of Revenue in the Ministry of Finance), 3 State Governments of the state of Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal, and NCT – Delhi, saving as many procedures, time, and costs for Starting a Business in India. This programme is applicable to all new company whose incorporations beginning on 7th June, 2021.

1. SPICe+ has an integrated Web Form as one of its features.

2. SPICe+ is divided into two parts, Part A for name reservations for new businesses and Part B for a variety of services, including

  1. Incorporation
  2. DIN allocation Mandatory PAN issuance
  3. Mandatory TAN issuance
  4. Mandatory EPFO registration issuance
  5. The need for ESIC registration
  6. Required registration for profession taxes (Maharashtra, Karnataka and West Bengal)
  7. Required Opening of a Company Bank Account
  8. Granting of a GSTIN (if so applied for) and
  9. First-time registration of businesses and locations for all newly incorporated firms in Delhi.

Users have the option of file Parts A and B simultaneously to incorporate a new company and take use of the these services, or they can submit Part-A first to reserve a name and Part-B for incorporation and other services after that.

4. For company incorporation applications, a new and user-friendly Dashboard on the Front Office has been developed (SPICe+ and connected forms where appropriate).

5. After reserving a name in Part A, incorporation applications (Part B) can be submitted in a smooth manner as a follow-up to Part A of SPICe Plus. Stakeholders do not even need to enter the SRN of the authorised name because it is exquisitely displayed on the dashboard and clicking on it will lead the user to the new URL of dashboard where they can continue their application.

6. The application no. /Name applied for link on the new dashboard should be used to handle resubmissions of applications for company name reservation and/or incorporation. There is a link given for the SRN/application no. to make it simple to resubmit an application when essential.

7. RUN service will only be available for “change of name” of an established company starting on February 23, 2020.

9. All associated forms, including AGILE-PRO-S, URC1, INC-9, eMoA, eAoA would automatically pre-fill with the approved name & incorporation details as supplied in Part A. (as applicable)

10. SPICe+ is divided into different sections to ensure filing simplicity.

11. Once information entered then information can be saved and changed.

12. All Check form & Pre-scrutiny validations (except DSC validation) happens on web form itself.

13. After the SPICe+ has been fully filled out with all pertinent information, it must be quickly converted into PDF format so that DSCs can be attached. 14. All applications that have been digitally signed can uploaded along with the associated forms according to the current process.

15. You can still make changes or updates to SPICe+ after producing the pdf and attaching the DSCs by modifying the previously saved web form application, generating the revised pdf, attach the DSCs, and upload the updated version.

16. The upload level will be where DSC validation and other validations happen.

17. Registration for EPFO and ESIC shall be mandatory for all new companies incorporated with effect from 23 February 2020 and no EPFO & ESIC registration nos. will be issued separately by the respective agencies.

18. Registration for Profession Tax shall also be mandatory for all new companies incorporated in the State of Maharashtra with effect from 23rd February 2020 Karnataka with effect from 8th October 2020 West Bengal with effect from 12th March 2020

19. Beginning on February 23, 2020, all newly formed businesses using SPICe plus will also be required to submit an application for opening a business bank account using the AGILE-PRO-S connected web form.

20. Beginning on 7th June, 2021, all new companies incorporating in Delhi must obtain a First Time Registration Number for Shops and Establishments, Delhi. 21. In all circumstances, except those where:  the total no. of subscribers and/or directors is larger than twenty (ii) any such subscribers and/or directors do not have a DIN or PAN, the Declaration by all Subscribers and First Directors in INC-9 will be automatically prepared in pdf format.