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OSP Registration Eligibility

OSP is an abbreviation of “Other Service Providers”. Other Service Provider (OSP)is a company that provides applications services that encompass IT enabled services such as Tele-Banking, Tele-Marketing, Tele-medicine, and others.

The Other Service Providers Category was introduced in New Telecom Policy, 1999 (NTP-1999) framework. The OSPs like tele-banking, tele-trading, e-commerce, etc. allowed to operate non-telecom services by using infrastructure provided by numerous authorized access providers. Considering the advancement in technology & advancement in different networking architectures and development in solutions for setting up OSP network centres, the terms & conditions(T&C) for OSPs registration are reviewed and revised by the Department of Telecommunication which is also known as DoT , when required. TERM aka Telecom Enforcement, Resource and Monitoring Cells which comes under the DoT is the responsible body for procurement of OSP Licenses.

What is the Eligibility for DOT OSP License?

  1. Applicant Should be aa company
  2. OSP License is required for Domestic as well as International BPO
  3. Usually, the DOT OSP License is valid for twenty years, but it can be for lesser period also. The period of validity will be mentioned on the License.
  4. Only approved ISP should be used to create the infrastructure.

Who are Required to Apply for OSP License?

  1. Tele callers
  2. BPO and KPO
  3. Outbound calling services
  4. Lead Generation companies
  5. Appointment setting companies
  6. White Paper research companies
  7. Tele-banking
  8. Tele education
  9. Tele-trading
  10. E-commerce
  11. Call Centres
  12. Network Operation Centre
  13. Other IT Enabled services

What Are the Types of DOT License?

Domestic DOT OSP License – It is required if the calling is only within India. The international calling is not allowed in this type of DOT registration.

International DOT Licence – It is needed if the calling is only outside India. Domestic calling is not allowed in this type of DOT registration.

Domestic & International Registration – This type of license gives you authority to call both in India and outside India as well.

What is the Network Diagram for OSP License?

The essential document for OSP registration is Network diagram approved by TCP/IP. The network diagram for OSP DOT license need to have the following particulars:

  1. Details of ISP provider
  2. Firewall details
  3. Distribution Switches
  4. Router and Server
  5. End users
  6. Voice Gateway and POE switch

Registration Requirements

To acquire a OSP Registration in India, it is essential for the company to be a Private Limited Company. In this manner, entrepreneurs having plans for beginning a call centre or BPO or e-commerce or other IT Enabled Services must incorporate a private limited company. The accompanying are the documents vital for OSP Registration

  1. Certificate of Incorporation of Private Limited Company
  2. Memorandum of association (MOA)
  3. Articles of Association (AOA)
  4. Board of Resolution or Power of Attorney authorizing the authorized signatory
  5. Name of Business and Activities Proposed
  6. List of Directors
  7. Present Shareholding

Important Note- Above mentioned documents need to be certified by a Company Secretary (CS)or Director of the Company or Statutory Auditor or Public Notary.