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RFID Tag Mandatory Along With E-Way Bill in UP From 1st Nov 2018

For the first time since the rollout of E-Way Bill in India, the Uttar Pradesh State had mandated for vehicles operating in the state to use the radio frequency identification device (RFID) tag along with an e-way bill from November 1, 2018. E-way rules decree that a vehicle carrying goods valuation over Rs 50,000 must provide the details electronically on the common portal and generate e-way bill. The portal grabs the details of the supplier, details of the recipient and the value of goods transacted, which provides the tax department with an anti-evasion tool, particularly for monitoring B2C traders.

In the absence of RFID tags on goods carriers, the tax officials have found it arduous to intercept cargo due to lack of intelligence. RFID tags may be gained at a cost of INR 100 from Authorised Tag Distribution Channel Partners.

By mandating the use of RFID tags along with e-Way Bills, Uttar Pradesh had become the first State in India to enforce this measure under GST. With the target of control the dodging of the indirect tax, the Goods and Services tax (GST), the UP has made it mandatory for the vehicles operating in the state to use the RFID tagged along with e-way bill. This move ensures real-time data flow, which serve as a huge booster.