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dividend distribution tax

Dividend Distribution Tax

If a company is making profit then they provide it to the company’s shareholders which is known as dividend. Dividend is income for shareholders that’s why it is taxable in the hands of tax payer. Though, Income tax act 1961 provides exemption of dividend which is receive from an Indian company by inflicting a tax which is called as dividend distribution tax which will be on the company who is… Read More »Dividend Distribution Tax

All about Dividend Income, Payment and Compliances

In Dividend income, payment and reporting there has been big and important changes occurred during the last and current financial year with increased taxation in the hands of the recipients and increased reporting requirements. Nowadays investment in shares and securities has become a favorite of most people and as a result many people have dividend income. Let’s go through some of the major changes in dividend. 1) Taxation of dividend… Read More »All about Dividend Income, Payment and Compliances